by Waterchild & Space Cadet

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A collaborative EP of sonically explorative tracks with the intent of creating a visual image influenced by a wide variety of genres within music, film, and animation.


released October 4, 2016

Kevin Martin & Julien Foster




Waterchild & Space Cadet Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Reflections
That's how you find out who your friends are
Ready to have some fun?
Just have good feeling and be happy; and sit down and begin playing
(Reflections) (zoom)
And if you feel good about yourself & the world
It will show in your painting & all these little things will happen
And if you feel good about your self (Reflections)

Learn how to use what happens-
You really 'oughta enjoy what you do in life
I certainly enjoy what I'm doing
I think everybody needs a friend;
So we're gonna give him one right here
Right now it's a fantastic day
A good day to be alive

I spent half my life doing somebody else's thing- paining should make you happy, if it does nothing else, it should make you happy
Track Name: Goodole
But now I'm curious
And now I want to see how it operates
It's about time, a light on you
Your head is very busy all the time
But also very serious and spiritual
Making jokes; goes directly into your brain
And you stop judging if it's right of not;
Like some sort of, uh, electric --
This may be an elevator to go up there

How it can make/put me into all of those weird situations
So, this looks like a city; like a little model of a city
And all the houses up here, and some streets -
They really take in;
That they are powerful enough to get all the way through
Track Name: Exit; Cleo
I, Era, queen of darkness, priestess of Ancient Egypt -
Have lived before
My spirit has never rested through all these weary centuries
My soul has wandered among the boundless star
I have guided these people; made them the guardians
Now, as the time grows nearer to the pre-destined hour;
Soon, soon

Wondered among the boundless star
Track Name: Agent Cooper
I want to climb a tall hill; not too tall
Sit in the cool grass; not too cool
A chance to dream
The soul that wanders; a dream soul
And who knows what dreams hold?
Events converge
This is clearly a place that inspires dreaming about darkness & light
The theory of concentric thinking
There may, in fact, be no such thing as coincidence